Andy Serkis Channels Gollum In Epic Parody Video Of Theresa May And Her ‘Precious’ Brexit Deal 😂

The United Kingdom was set to vote on the final provisions of the #Brexit deal on Tuesday, but Theresa May has elected to pull the plug on the vote after some in her own Conservative Party opposed the “precious” deal she hit them with this past Sunday.

“I’m not somebody who is normally a doom-monger, but I genuinely am concerned that we would see greater division and greater uncertainty,” said May, on her decision to postpone the vote.

When you think of the word “precious,” aside from May’s Brexit deal, what else does that word evoke?

For Andy Serkis, it brings back memories of his time as Gollum/Smeagol from The Lord Of The Rings, which he then combined with Theresa May for a parody to slay the entire European Union.

Serkis, in an uncanny resemblance to May, reflects on her struggle to push her deal through.  The video is part of the People’s Vote, a campaign calling for a second referendum on the controversial Brexit decision.

It hits the mark of May’s administration dead-on.

Though some noted it was a bit too kind to May.

The worst part is, this doesn’t seem out of character for May.

May hitting the pause button on the Brexit vote has caused a great deal of anger and confusion throughout the UK.

May sent the deal to the European Commission, who said:

“We have an agreement on the table which was endorsed by the European Council… as President Juncker said, this deal is the best and only deal possible. We will not renegotiate.”

Therefore, May’s deal will not change. Only the time of the vote may change and, depending on the time of the vote, she may completely avoid a second referendum and end up with a “no deal” ruling.

Parliament looks to force the vote.

We will be watching the story closely to see how May’s “precious” term comes to fruition.

H/T: CNN, Twitter