Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Social Media Critics Who Judge Her For Using Her Hands While Cooking

Model, entrepreneur, and internet queen Chrissy Teigen recently posted a video to social media showing her mixing kimchi by hand for her family. Of course, some people on Twitter, seeing the video, had to take this perfectly normal action and use it to attempt to goad their followers into bashing Teigen’s cooking skills.

The radio station Hot 97 posted:

Teigen wasted no time in putting the haters in their place, retweeting Hot 97’s criticism alongside a message of her own:

Twitter users rallied behind Teigen, who has to put up with silly nonsense like this all the time.

Anyone who knows kimchi knows making it with your hands is the way to go.

Sometimes people are just looking for a reason to hate.

Scientifically, using your hands to make kimchi is perfectly safe!

When it comes to Chrissy, people were ready to eat whatever she served however she served it.

It’s time for the “social media critics” to take a seat.

H/T – Twitter, Somecards