Fast Food Customer Is Truly The Genius Of Our Time For His Soda Refill Trick—And We’re Totally Stealing It

He might not be following the rules but this bold man is willing to set aside such trivialities in his quest for the biggest soft drink ever. Not only that, but it appears he took a KFC bucket into a Burger King to fill up on as much sugary soda as possible.

Twitter user @AndyCole84 noticed the photo of the enterprising man using the chicken bucket to fill up on soda. Hey, times are tough and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to quench his thirst, and possibly his entire family’s.

Andy Cole shared the photo on Twitter.

People believe they have found their new hero.

Some people pointed out the man appears to be Russian.

Wherever he lives, people are admiring his bravery. 

He even inspired some to share their own innovative techniques. 

Em summed it up for all of us.

For the future of humanity, we kind of hope he is simply filling a bucket with water for his dog.

H/T: Vice, SBNation