James Gunn Returns To His Horror Roots With New ‘Brightburn’ Trailer—And We’re Intrigued

James Gunn is now most famous for his Guardians of the Galaxy movies, which he directed as part of the Marvel Universe before being fired after alt-right Twitter trolls resurfaced offensive tweets from Gunn’s past. The firing is now thought by many to be a misstep on the part of Disney, since the tweets were already known to the company and Gunn had apologized for them before signing on to the first Guardians movie (the tweets were intended as satire). It seems Gunn will have the last laugh, however, as his first movie since leaving the MCU seems to be throwing more than a little bit of shade back at the world of superheroes he’s left behind.

Before superhero movies, Gunn was known for his horror films, and his new flick Brightburn seems to be a return to form, even featuring Slither star Elizabeth Banks. The movie follows an all-too-familiar setup: a farmtown couple, desperately wanting a baby, find one in a crashed spaceship from the heavens. The child has amazing powers—faster than a speeding bullet, it can leap tall buildings in a single bound!

But then things take a turn for the worse.

Fans were uber pumped for Gunn’s return to horror!

Many couldn’t help but point out the trailer’s similarities to the DC Universe’s Man of Steel.

People felt a LOT of shade being thrown in the trailer.

Imagine an evil Superman…

It seems Batman was right about some things after all!

Fans could hardly contain their excitement.

One thing everyone agreed on: it will be nice to see another James Gunn film.

H/T – Mashable, YouTube