Sonic The Hedgehog Has A Unsettlingly Muscular Body In New Movie Motion Poster—And We’re Not Okay ????

Diehard Sonic The Hedgehog fans are totally shocked after seeing the speedy hedgehog teased on a new poster for the upcoming November 2019 movie adaption.

People can’t help but notice that Sonic looks mysteriously well-toned. His strange physique is clearly a departure from the short and chubby hedgehog video game fans are familiar with. Sonic’s body looks strangely human (look at those calves!) but still has the character’s iconic spiked hair.

Check out Sonic’s weird transformation that’s leaving fans pretty confused. 

Adding to the confusion is the murky lighting on the poster that obscures Sonic’s face. People can’t figure out whether the film’s version of Sonic is supposed to be a human, a hedgehog, or something even more bizarre.

The weird Sonic poster is inspiring amazing memes on the internet right now.

Many are comparing Sonic’s new look to the style of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

Plenty of fans agree…there’s something strange about this new version of Sonic.

People are hesitant about Sonic getting the “live action” treatment.

Believe it or not, some are arguing that Sonic’s new look is actually sexy.

Sonic purists definitely aren’t okay with this, but maybe the movie won’t suck! We hope the chili dog-loving hedgehog won’t turn out looking like some dude in a fur suit.

H/T: Kotaku, GameSpot