Trump’s Double ‘Smocking Gun’ Typo Is Getting Totally Roasted By The Internet ????

As the door closes on the second year of Donald Trump’s presidency, we’ve all learned two things:

1.) Presidents who can’t spell shouldn’t tweet

2.) If they insist on tweeting anyway, they will get made fun of mercilessly.

That’s right; Donald Trump has once again become a target on social media for making a typo, not once, but twice, in the same tweet.

In an effort to unlink himself to Russia, he tried to point out the lack of a smoking gun. Of course, this attempt led to him writing the word “smocking” instead.

Yes Mr. President, there is a lack of a “smocking gun” linking you to Russia, on the grounds that a smocking gun, you know, doesn’t actually…exist.

This was by no means Trump’s first Twitter typo, but many were still confused.

He typed smocking in place of smoking twice, so was it really a typo or does Trump really think smoking is spelled as smocking?

Some people pointed that if he can’t spell smoking correctly, he has once again proven he is not nearly as smart as he says he is:

Others used it as an excuse to showcase some good old fashioned wordplay:

Some people couldn’t help but bring up clothes:


Others brought up things Trump has said in the past:

Still others found they could pat themselves on the back for something they didn’t even realize was a big achievement: 

And hats off to those who spotted a marketing opportunity and went for it.

If you are wondering whether “smocking” itself is actually a word, it is – but it does not have much to do with guns, or collusion.

Mr. President, you are truly melting:

This just another lesson in reading a tweet before putting it out there for the whole Twitterverse to see.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.