Viral Video Of Cross Country Runner’s Finish Line Face-Plant Is The Ultimate Life Metaphor ????

French runner Jimmy Gressier is famous — and might spend the rest of his life being infamous. People may forget his name and impressive running record soon enough, but they probably won’t forget the incredible meme he just became.

Gressier ran a European cross country race, representing his native France. The runner killed it in the under-23 SPAR European Cross Country Championship race, successfully defending his title and proving what an incredible athlete he is — again. Unfortunately, he attempted to finish with some flair and tried to knee-slide across the finish line. Gressier clearly trained as a runner and not a professional knee-slider, however, because there was a whole lot of knee and not much slide.

As a general rule, it’s probably not good when the announcer says “… and it all went horribly wrong!” 

The knee-slide was a complete failure. Jimmy’s knee hit the mud but there wasn’t enough sliding action. Instead of his knee meeting the slick ground with forward momentum, his knee met sticky earth — and dug in. Physics dictated the rest. That hard stop in his forward motion sent the now-kneeling Jimmy face first into the finish line, which was being held up by two beautifully composed and confused race workers. They stood and stared awkwardly before letting the finish line flop limply around Jimmy.

Video of the world’s most embarrassing celebration went viral. Jimmy won … but did he really

Lots of people laughed but many could totally relate. The finish-fail became the video metaphor we never knew we needed. 

So, yeah. Congrats on your win, Jimmy! Being the human embodiment of what it looks like to have life kick you in the shin must suck, but you won the race, defended your title, and connected with people all across Twitter. That’s more than most of us can say.


H/T: Twitter, Mashable