A Cringeworthy Old Clip Of Oprah Tasting Woman’s Million-Dollar Chicken Recipe Is Making The Rounds—And It’s Too Good 😂

Oprah Winfrey may have made her fortune and founded her empire based on her ability to talk, but a clip making the rounds lately is proving that sometimes the best Oprah moments are the ones where she doesn’t say anything at all. It turns out Oprah’s got a classic case of “loud face.”

Let’s set the stage for you. Oprah was interviewing a woman who had won a million dollars with a recipe. Obviously, Oprah had to taste this if the dish was worth a million bucks! The reigning queen of all media stood on set talking to the woman for a few moments before popping a bite of chicken into her mouth. The pause and silence say everything you need to know before she composes herself to talk about it.

Things got awkward. 


The conversation about the lack of seasoning totally didn’t help the situation any but, before we all jump on this poor, very clearly embarrassed woman, there are a few facts you need to know. First of all, the recipe wasn’t for the chicken itself. The winning recipe was for a stuffing made with the chicken as just one of the ingredients. It also featured some spinach, Pillsbury Dunkables waffle sticks, maple syrup and a whole lot more. Tasting just the chicken outside of the rest of the recipe was probably not how the woman intended things to go down. Later on in the segment, Oprah does get to try everything together as intended and she does tell her viewers she really likes it.

None of that undoes this glorious 30 seconds of television history, though, where the frustration of all of Oprah’s seasoning-loving ancestors was written across her face for millions of viewers.

Twitter can’t get enough. And, before you ask, of COURSE “the caucasity” jokes got thrown around. 


Watching Oprah chew for time is seriously one of the funniest things we have seen in a while. We’ll just be here watching this on loop if you need us.


H/T: UpRoxx, Twitter