‘Family Guy’ Just Gave Carrie Fisher’s Angela A Eulogy That Only They Could Get Away With ❤️

It’s been almost two years since Carrie Fisher’s unexpected death, but fans still miss the actor, author, and comedian as if it was just yesterday.

Last year marked Fisher’s final appearance on film as Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

The movie ended with a touching memorial.

Though most famous for her role in the Star Wars franchise, Fisher was also an accomplished comedian. She voiced a recurring character named Angela on Seth MacFarlane’s lauded animated comedy, Family Guy. Angela was Peter’s boss at the Pawtucket Brewery where he worked.

The show had not yet mentioned Angela’s death. Family Guy, not usually known for anything serious, took an unexpected turn when Peter eulogized Angela in clear tribute to Fisher.

It took everybody by surprise, including Mark Hamill, Fisher’s Star Wars co-star and on-screen brother:

Fisher continued to appear as Angela for two years while they went through their backlog of recorded episodes.

Of course, since this is Family Guy, the scene couldn’t remain serious for long.

Eventually, Peter looked up and noticed he was at the wrong funeral.

Knowing Fisher’s sense of humor, she’d have likely thought this was the perfect tribute to her character.

H/T: Uproxx, Mashable