NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe, Launched In 1977, Has Reached Interstellar Space ????

NASA has announced that, for only the second time in history, a man-made device has traveled outside the heliosphere, which is “the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by the Sun.”

On the website, NASA says:

“Voyager 2 now is slightly more than 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) from Earth. Mission operators still can communicate with Voyager 2 as it enters this new phase of its journey, but information – moving at the speed of light – takes about 16.5 hours to travel from the spacecraft to Earth. By comparison, light traveling from the Sun takes about eight minutes to reach Earth.” 

Nicola Fox, director of the Heliophysics Division at NASA Headquarters, reports:

“Voyager has a very special place for us in our heliophysics fleet. Our studies start at the Sun and extend out to everything the solar wind touches. To have the Voyagers sending back information about the edge of the Sun’s influence gives us an unprecedented glimpse of truly uncharted territory.”

In 2013, Voyager 1 entered interstellar space.

Folks on Twitter bid a fond farewell to Voyager 2.

While others had some questions.

The only thing larger than space is the neverending curiosity of Twitter.

H/T: NASA, Gizmodo