This Retro Kay-Bee Toys Ad From The ’80s Is A Nostalgic Blast From The Past ????

Growing up, the Kay-Bee toy store at our local mall was nirvana for kids. Our parents would never let us go to Toys-R-Us; even asking would end in a lecture about how we’re not made of money. When we went to the mall, though, we had a pretty good chance of them allowing us to “just look” inside Kay-Bee. We wouldn’t often buy anything, but working our way up and down those smaller aisles to gawk at the toy-lined shelves was usually enough. It’s been decades and all of the ’80s kids in the family can still point out exactly which spot in the mall Kay-Bee occupied. It was that precious to us.

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones with some fantastic Kay-Bee memories. Someone on Flickr uploaded a few pictures of a Kay-Bee ad from the ’80s and it’s got people all in their feelings. Let’s take a look at some of the pages. First up, check out this front page. $189.99 may seem like a steal for the newest game system now, but this was some serious dough in the ’80s. Accounting for inflation, this is about $387.60 today. Imagine paying that much for 16-bits!

Our favorite part of this page, though, is in small print all the way at the bottom. It instructs people to check the white pages of their local phone book to find a Kay-Bee in their state.

We forgot the white pages was even a thing!  

KAY•BEE TOY STORES :: Christmas in October pg.8  (( OCTOBER,8 1989 ))


How many of you guys still have a Gloworm from when you were a kid, or have one that you bought for your own children? We have both, so we’re kind of a big deal in Gloworm circles. There really aren’t Gloworm fan boards or anything, though, so the “Glowworm circle” we’re talking about is mostly just friends’ kids. They think we’re cool.

Oh, and the going rate for one of these wormy wonders hasn’t gone up THAT MUCH. You can still find them for under $20! 

KAY•BEE TOY STORES :: Christmas in October pg.7  (( OCTOBER,8 1989 ))


Welcome to RC heaven! We have a feeling that Turbo Typhoon Hovercraft ended up being one of those toys that dad got “for the kids” but then never let the kids play with without his supervision.

By supervision, we absolutely mean Dad took the controls and pretty much never gave them back. 

KAY•BEE TOY STORES :: Christmas in October pg.5  (( OCTOBER,8 1989 ))


This whole page is summed up in one glorious word: Nintendo. 

KAY•BEE TOY STORES :: Christmas in October pg.4  (( OCTOBER,8 1989 ))


Hang on, we’re cackling at that Robocop action figure. 

KAY•BEE TOY STORES :: Christmas in October pg.3  (( OCTOBER,8 1989 ))


Fashion Star Fillies were our JAM as a kid. We were particularly enamored with this orange one — so much so that one of our kids shares the same name as that plastic horse.

This page is hitting us in a special place.

KAY•BEE TOY STORES :: Christmas in October pg.2  (( OCTOBER,8 1989 ))


We had literally every toy on this page at our house growing up. This is amazing! 

KAY•BEE TOY STORES :: Christmas in October pg.1  (( OCTOBER,8 1989 ))


We aren’t the only ones taking a serious walk down memory lane. People on Twitter are loving this!


H/T: Bored Panda, Twitter, Flickr