People Are Sharing Their Favorite Weird Facts On Twitter—And We Can’t Get Enough

Sometimes you just need a laugh, or you need to know a fact that no one else does. There’s no better way to get that laugh or knowledge than by using two things everyone loves: Twitter and trivia.

Writer Nicole Cliffe took to Twitter to ask people to share their favorite “weird fact.” With 100,000 followers, there’s no surprise there were many quick responses.

Here’s Cliffe’s original tweet:

“Tell me your fav weird fact,” she tweeted.

If you want to laugh a little or need some quick-witted anecdotes to impress people at a Christmas party, strap in. These are exactly what you need!

Here are some of the best:

He-Evelyn and She-Evelyn:

Male author Evelyn Waugh (Brideshead Revisited) married a woman also named Evelyn. The two married in 1928 and sadly divorced a year later. However, while they were married, in order to distinguish the pair, their friends came up with a humorous nickname for them:

Pluto’s Orbit:

In 1930, an American astromor discovered Pluto, which became known as the ninth planet. Several years later, it was announced that Pluto was not, in fact, a planet. It is now considered a dwarf planet.

Through all the changes though, Pluto has never completely revolved around the sun…at least, not yet. And it won’t for a long time.

Pluto takes 248 years to finish one revolution, and meaning it won’t be back in the same spot it was in when we first discovered it until the year 2178.


The 27th character of the alphabet:

How many letters are in the alphabet? If you said 26, you’d be right. But at one point, there used to be 27 letters.

Can you imagine singing “w, x, y, z, and ampersand?” Not only would it sound weird, but considering the ampersand sign (&) means and, it would be repetitive!


Woodperckers’ natural head protection:

Have you ever seen a woodpecker? If so, you would’ve seen it headbutt tress like a lightning fast drill. Have you ever looked at that woodpecker and wonder how it can do that and not shake their brains out of their tiny heads?

Well, wonder no more! The answer is here:

Sounds king of gross if we’re being honest, but who are we to argue with their method of protection?


To purr or to roar:

We all know there are different kinds of cats, and we’re not just talking about breeds. There are the cute, domesticated cats we keep as pets, and then are those ferocious, scary, big cats that may hunt you down.

A fun fact is, cats can either purr, like your house cat probably does, or roar, like a lion or tiger would, but it can’t ever do both!

Of course considering we want our cute house pets to be ferocious when its hunting rats but tame when it’s cuddling up to you, things are probably better this way!

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.