Ruby Rose Finally Made Her Debut As Batwoman—And The Internet Is Cheering ????

The DC Universe made a big splash seven years ago when Arrow premiered on the CW. Because of its success, the CW also aired The Flash  and Supergirl. Every year, the CW does a crossover event with all three shows, and its that time again. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Barry Allen (The Flash), and Kara Danvers (Supergirl) are all meeting on the small screen for the Elseworlds crossover event: a DC Universe merger event that brings all three series into Gotham City in a storyline involving Arkham Asylum.


And it’s not a trip to Gotham City without a certain bat-like superhero.  In this case, we are talking about Batwoman, portrayed by Ruby Rose.



Since Katherine Kane, the name of the woman underneath Batwoman’s mask, is written in the DC Comics universe as “openly gay,” (Indiewire), and Ruby Rose identifies as non-binary, her appearance spoke particularly to members of the LGBTQ+ community on Twitter.

And of course the sexual tension between her and Kara was…palpable.

And it looks like Batwoman might be getting her own series.

“We created it with a larger story in mind, for sure,” executive producer Caroline Dries said (Deadline).

If picked up, the Batwoman series would be the first live-action superhero series starring a gay main character.

Batwoman’s future could also depend on the success of a possible future series, something Dries says she feels has been “done backwards.”

“Like you know, we’re making a suit, we’re casting an actor, but we haven’t even written the script yet.  It’s been a really fun ride, but it’s a little surreal too.”

We truly can’t wait for more.