Sarah Silverman Shares Fan’s Epic Thread After Nick Cannon Retweets One Of Her Old Tweets Containing A Gay Slur

On December 7, comedian and movie star Kevin Hart posted that he was withdrawing from his recently announced position as host of the 91st Academy Awards amidst online backlash connected to recently resurfaced tweets that included homophobic slurs and jokes.

After Hart stepped down, actor Nick Cannon retweeted old posts from other famous comedians, who happened to be white women, using the same homophobic slur and receiving no backlash for their previous actions.

The old tweets have caused a small divide in the LGBTQ+ community, with some people saying the comedians involved, most notably Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer, should be held accountable and apologize for their use of the word, while others believe the context in which they used it should be taken into account.

Sarah Silverman defended herself by retweeting a thread from British author Greg Hogben:

The thread was lengthy and explored Hogben’s reaction to Hart’s tweets and Silverman’s as a gay man who’s fought for equality his whole life.

Many, after reading Hogben’s thread, couldn’t agree more!

Silverman, for her part, seems to have come to realize that slurs should never be used in any context.

That didn’t stop some people, however, from feeling disappointed in her.

Times are changing fast, and we’re all learning different lessons at different times depending on the bubbles we live in. Perhaps the best indicator of who we are isn’t what we do out of ignorance, but how we learn and grow after it’s made clear we were in the wrong.