Tyra Banks Has Some Casting Ideas For ‘Coyote Ugly 2’—And We Need This Sequel Right Now ????

Guys, this is not a drill. Tyra Banks has told PEOPLE Magazine that she wants to do a sequel to Coyote Ugly. You may not think you need that in your life, but you kind of do. Sure, the film was a cinematic feast for the male gaze, but it was also a film about women coming together to support and uplift other women. At its water-hating heart, Coyote Ugly was the chick adventure flick the world was missing at the time. It was like a buddy cop film but with gorgeous women and bartop dancing.

Our post-2018 world could use a lot more dancing on things and then lighting them on fire. Just sayin’. 

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The problem we run into is that Tyra doesn’t have the rights to the film. She told PEOPLE, “I want to produce it. I just need to get the rights from Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer or work with him.” She also spilled a few other details. Namely some interesting casting ideas. She wants Lady Gaga in the role of “the badass bar owner.” Selena Gomez was brought up as well, but there’s one person who Tyra says she wants dancing on the bar with her that may cause a bit of shock. 

The legendary Meryl Streep. 

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Twitter can’t decide if they love it or hate it. 

World, it’s time you meet Danny. If there is anyone in the world more committed to a Coyote Ugly sequel than Tyra Banks is, it’s Danny Pellegrino.

Let’s just say it’s come up in conversation a time or two. 


And he’s not the only one who’s been wishing for a while. 


So, dear Jerry Bruckheimer, we don’t know if you read our simple publication but Tyra is totally onto something here and there’s clearly a demand. Give the people what they want this holiday season and just say yes to Tyra. We don’t know why we need Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga singing while Meryl Streep dances around, lights a bar on fire, and Tyra Banks cackles about it. We just know it’s a mood.

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