Sean Hannity Was Caught Deleting His Tweets About Michael Cohen Mere Hours Before Cohen’s Sentencing

Sean Hannity, host of Fox News’ The Sean Hannity Show, should know by now that deleting tweets does not make them disappear forever.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump’s prominent champion was caught deleting tweets about his ties to the President’s former attorney, Michael Cohen. According to Hill Reporter, Hannity deleted posts that linked to stories he had featured on his website,, before Cohen’s sentencing was announced on Wednesday.

Cohen pled guilty to numerous criminal charges, including campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. He also implicated Trump, who allegedly directed his private counsel to pay hush money to the women who claimed to have had past affairs with the 2016 presidential candidate.

Newsweek pointed out that April court filings revealed Cohen had represented Hannity at one time, in addition to a deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee, Elliott Broidy.

The deleted tweets were archived by Screenshot Bot, an automated Twitter bot dedicated to saving political tweets as they get deleted.

The April 16, 2018, tweets read:

“In response to some wild speculation, let me make clear that I did not ask Michael Cohen to bring this proceeding on my behalf, I have no personal interest in this proceeding. I have no personal interest in this proceeding, and, in fact, asked that my de minimis discussions with Michael Cohen, which dealt almost exclusively about real estate, not be made part of this proceeding.”

And there were more:

In another tweet on the same day, Hannity wrote:

“I assumed those conversations were confidential, but to be absolutely clear they never involved any matter between me and a third-party.”

He also tweeted:

“Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter. I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective.”

Hill Reporter also mentioned that the five deleted tweets were among hundreds that Hannity deleted on Tuesday. Of the 281 tweets Hannity deleted, 268 had been posted between March 29 and April 23, and 13 were from December 10-11, 2018.

Twitter weighed in on Hannity trying to erase the past.

And they mocked him for his feeble attempt at deleting tweets.

The judge sentenced Cohen to federal prison for 36 months. On Wednesday, he admitted to the court he had been living in a “personal and mental incarceration” under Trump and that he looks forward to serving his time.

Meanwhile, Hannity tried his darndest to scrub any references to his former attorney. Not suspicious at all.