Taylor Swift Used Facial Recognition At One Of Her Recent Concerts To Track Her Stalkers ????

When you’re a megastar like Taylor Swift, no precaution is too crazy when you’re dealing with persistent stalkers.

That’s why Swift reportedly pays for advanced facial recognition technology at her concerts to help identify unwanted creeps. A company named Oak View Group apparently monitored her 2018 Rose Bowl appearance in high-tech fashion, scanning and analyzing the faces of concertgoers.

Imagine how freaky it would be to have at least 100 verified stalkers!

The method of facial scan used at Swift’s Rose Bowl concert was pretty clever.

As fans entered the venue, they were shown clips of the pop star’s rehearsal footage. By glancing at the screen, they activated facial recognition cameras that sent information back to a remote team seeking to identify potential threats.

Fans of Swift were shocked and impressed with her advanced security methods.

But many criticized Swift for breaching the rights of those in attendance.

As usual, everything Swift-related becomes super controversial. 

Many were reminded of the facial recognition technology used in China. 

Considering that she’s received countless death threats in her career, the invasive security seems warranted.

No, seriously! Taylor definitely needs this protection.

While some are mocking Swift’s attempts to keep herself and concertgoers safe, this is clearly no laughing matter. We applaud Taylor for taking the extra steps necessary to shut down her stalkers.