This ‘Hi-Tech’ Dancing Robot At A Russian Forum Is Clearly A Man In A Suit—And The Internet Has The Receipts ????

Oh, Russia.  Back at it again with their wacky, crazy antics! No, we’re not talking about meddling in U.S. elections or stirring up internet controversy with troll brigade tactics.

This latest foolishness is a bit less subtle.

Meet Boris the “Robot.”

Boris showed up at a Robotics conference for youth in Yaroslavl (northeast of Moscow).

According to The Provincehe “was lauded on Russian state TV as an android that would inspire local children to future careers in robotics.”

But then, something started to seem slightly off about Boris. Hmmm…

That looks like a neck and some hair hangin’ out under that helmet.

Then again, perhaps we don’t have the full context?

“The organisers of the Proyektoria technology forum, held each year for the ‘future intellectual leaders of Russia’, did not try to pass off the robot as real,” reports The Guardian.

But the State TV station, Russia-24, DID try and pass off the robot as real.

A photograph later surfaced showing the guy in the suit — minus the head:

The internet is unsure what to do with so much conflicting information.

Do we think this has gotten the youth of Russia more interested in robotics?

Oh, Russia.