A Dallas-Bound Flight Had To Turn Around Because Someone Left An Unidentified Human Heart On Board

Have you ever been in such a rush that you literally leave your heart behind on your passenger flight? No? Just me?

The Seattle Times is reporting that Flight 3606 to Dallas was in the middle of a layover in Seattle,  and a passenger forgot to take their actual human heart with them before the plane left. They were in the air over Idaho when the captain announced that they would be turning back.

The heart was reportedly headed to a Seattle tissue processor so it could be used for a future donation, but organs have a limited shelf life. Therefore, the heart was a time-sensitive package, which is why the flight needed to turn back.

The saga wasn’t over, though. According to passengers, the airline then had an “unrelated technical issue,” so they were forced to deplane in Seattle and wait for a new plane and crew.

It took them seven more hours to finally make it to Dallas.

Still, the heart made it in time to be used.

As you can see, the internet pumped out the heart jokes.


According to NBC News,  Southwest has declined to comment on specifics.

The airline said in a statement on Monday:

“During Flight #3606 with scheduled service from Seattle to Dallas this past Sunday evening, we learned of a life-critical cargo shipment onboard the aircraft that was intended to stay in Seattle for delivery to a local hospital. Therefore, we made the decision to return to Seattle to ensure the shipment was delivered to its destination within the window of time allotted by our cargo customer.”