Paralyzed Student Uses Exoskeleton To Walk Across Graduation Stage To Receive His Diploma 😍

Graduation is a nerve-wracking time for any college or university student. For many, it marks the end of their education and the beginning of life in the real world. Futures are uncertain and it can be an exciting yet fearful time.

It can also be a time to trust the person you’ve become, determined to take on the world regardless of perceived limitations — and that’s exactly what it was for one Florida International University student.

After a 2015 diving accident robbed Aldo Amenta of the ability to walk, he proved to everyone at his graduation that his persistence isn’t defined by his mobility.

With some assistance from an exoskeleton and trusted friends, Amenta rose from his seat and walked across the stage to thunderous applause, finally receiving the diploma he worked so hard for.

Watch the inspiring video below:

Amenta was an electrical engineering major, which is frequently regarded as one of the most difficult degrees to attain. However, thanks to his expertise, it’s likely he knows a thing or two about the device he used to walk across the stage.

Exoskeletons give paralyzed people greater mobility by reacting to shifts in weight, with motors spurring the use of legs. The devices are expensive and only a handful of them have met FDA standards, but the results have been widely promising.

Amenta said of his achievement:

“In order to accomplish this, it’s very important to be perseverant. It doesn’t matter how hard you think things are going to be, or maybe you think that it is impossible for you to make it, but you’ll find people that are willing to help you.”

Naturally, Twitter users everywhere were moved.

Many found the feat to be quite the tear-jerker.

Amenta’s college journey may be over, but his future seems as bright as the mind that earned him his degree.