Instagram Reveals The Most Used Face Filter And Happiest Geotagged Location Of 2018

It’s nearly the end of 2018 and everyone is reflecting back on their year. Social media giant, Instagram, is no exception.

The photo sharing community just released their “Instagram Year in Review 2018”, revealing the top face filters, hashtags and geotagged locations among many others.

They began their 2018 review saying,

“With 2018 almost coming to a close, we’d love to highlight some trends from the year and share all the different ways Instagram’s global community came to the platform to creatively express themselves and get closer to the people – and things – they love.”

Their list began with the most used Face Filter in Instagram — Heart Eyes.

It went on to mention the most popular Giphy sticker in Stories,  Heart Love Sticker by Arata. The ❤️, or heart emoji, was used 14 billion times in comments.

The Happiest Geotagged Location in the World (determined by the highest use of the smiley face in captions) was none other than Disneyland Tokyo.

The ‘gram did not snub trends in the look-back.

Their Top Niche Community Trend went to ASMR, the Highest Growth Hashtag Community went to overnight sensation #fortnite, and the Top Fandom Community went to K-pop sensation BTS (#btsarmy).

Last, the company highlighted the famous #inmyfeelingschallenge as the Top Dance Movement and they also recognized this year’s Top Advocacy Hashtags of #metoo at 1.5 million, #timesup at 597,000, and #marchforourlives at 562,000 uses.


Instagram’s 2018 Top Trends (Instagram)

They also were sure to point out one particular theme they saw repeat time and time again.

“We’re heartened to see that sharing love and kindness is still a top priority for the Instagram community”

Watch Instagram’s video here:

The internet is fascinated by the trends this year on Instagram.


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What a fun way to remember 2018!