Keanu Reeves Continues To Surprise With Secret Acts Of Kindness—Proving He Really Is ‘The One’

Actor Keanu Reeves is drawing acclaim after reports that he secretly funded a series of children’s hospitals through his charitable foundation…and has been doing it for years.

In a viral article, The Epoch Times pointed out Keanu’s incredible generosity that was mentioned during a 2009 interview with the Ladies’ Home Journal. He doesn’t attach his name to any projects, but Reeves helps fund “a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research” through a private foundation.

Though the quote is almost a decade-old, most are shocked by Keanu’s charitable work. 

Some aspects of Keanu’s life have been difficult. He grew up without a father and tragically lost loved ones including a child that died before birth and the child’s mother, who was killed in a car accident almost two years later.

Reeves was especially moved by his sister Kim’s battle and recovery from leukemia.

People on social media are celebrating his powerful commitment to helping others.

There’s a well-deserved outpouring of love for Keanu on Twitter right now.

Way to go Keanu!

In other Keanu Reeves news, fans recently found out he’ll have a role in Toy Story 4.

People seem pretty excited about Keanu’s voiceover role. 

Keanu Reeves has been funding children’s hospitals for years and now he’s playing a role in one of the most adored children’s movie franchises on the planet. This guy is committed to making the lives of kids better.