Nancy Pelosi’s Orange Coat Is Getting A Re-Release After 6 Years So Now You Can Be Fierce AF, Too

On Tuesday, December 11, Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California and fellow Democrat, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, met with President Donald Trump for a televised discussion regarding the impending government shutdown and possible budgetary compromises that could be reached to avoid it.

The meeting, which was derided as something of a circus by the media, unsurprisingly resulted in a “win” for Democrats after Schumer and Pelosi got Trump (who seemed woefully unprepared for the meeting he scheduled) to admit full responsibility for a shutdown should it occur.

A picture was taken of Pelosi walking out of the meeting like a conquering hero, wearing a jacket the internet went pretty crazy for.

People described the jacket as “a blood-orange Max Mara boule-shaped coat with a funnel collar and asymmetric fastening that sent the internet into a frenzy.”

Many thought the jacket’s color (“burnt orange”) might have been a subtle jab at President Trump.

The maker of the coat, Max Mara, noticed the internet’s enthusiasm for the garment and responded by putting it back on sale for the first time since 2013.

The coat, which is reportedly from Max Mara’s Fall 2012 collection, was worn by Pelosi at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration and Max Mara Creative Director Ian Griffiths was glad to see it return:

“Ms. Pelosi wore this coat to the Presidential Inauguration in 2013, and again for her historic meeting at the White House in 2018, so it clearly means something to her.”

“You develop an emotional relationship with a coat like nothing else in your wardrobe and Max Mara coats are much more than just clothes. They represent lasting values, they project personal strength and glamour.”

“I can imagine why Ms. Pelosi chose to wear the Fire coat for this important moment and I’m honored.”

For their part, Twitter is just overjoyed to see more of Pelosi’s coat!

The New York Times and Pelosi’s daughter even chimed in on the coat’s media explosion!

Trump was destined for embarrassment the instant Pelosi picked out that coat.

Love the coat?

Once it’s reissued, you’d better get it quick before it sells out…because you know it’s going to sell out pretty fast.

After all, it’s the perfect response to a certain other famous coat.