Weird Al Shares Behind-The-Scenes Footage From His Famous ‘Fat’ Video–And It’s Creepy AF

He ain’t called “Weird Al” for no reason.

Made in the times before CGI, “Fat” required an extensive application of prosthetics, makeup, and a fat suit…which Weird Al showed a video of himself in today on Twitter.

Those eyebrows are intense, though.

But of course, we know what we dove into:

Some people were completely surprised that it was camera/stage magic:

“Fat” came out in 1988, so even 30 years later, people are learning new things about the piece.

Al hasn’t been active much on the music scene, with his last album release being in 2014, but he just dropped a new song called the “Hamilton Polka,” a polka-style medley of a bunch of songs from the Broadway musical Hamilton.

You can’t deny he’s creative.

But those eyebrows really are gonna haunt our dreams.