Cash Rains Down On New Jersey Highway, Causing Accidents As People Scramble To Pick It Up

Commuters in New Jersey were treated to an early Christmas present on Thursday morning as cash rained down from the sky across a highway in the state.

Bills of different denominations floated through the air between the snow in East Rutherford, New Jersey—near New York, after what appeared to be a traffic accident between a car and an armored vehicle carrying the money.

A video filmed from inside a bus posted to Twitter at roughly 8:30am local time showed dozens of drivers risking their lives to leave their cars and scoop up the cash.

Bus passengers in the video can be heard laughing as one exclaimed:

“This is super dangerous, everyone’s just out of their car picking up money.”

It is not clear how much money spilled into the road but local police said the incident caused multiple accidents.

One commuter, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the Press Association:

“Commuters from both sides of Route 3 had abandoned their cars to run around collecting cash.”

“Cars would be driving around people crouched over picking up cash. One man heading east jumped out of an idling car and jumped the median.”

“Even people on the bus were jokingly asking to be let out.”

An armored vehicle from Brinks, a security company, can be seen at one end of the road.

East Rutherford Police and Brinks did not respond to requests for comment.

Don’t worry. Other people had plenty to say. Some saw only humor in the situation, but some shamed those who picked up money.

According to news reports, police said good Samaritans and Brinks employees recovered $205,375 of flying money while on the scene. Two bags—one with $140,000 and the other with $370,000—fell out of the back of the truck due to a malfunction in the door mechanism.

In an East Rutherford police statement they said:

“Five individuals either contacted the East Rutherford Police Department or another police agency, which led to the recovery of an additional $11,090.”

“As of this time, $293,535 is still missing.”