Jason Biggs Opens Up About How Being Fired From An Acting Job Over His Controversial Tweets ‘Really F**ked Me Up’

Former American Pie and Orange is the New Black star Jason Biggs has spoken candidly about how his unhealthy alcohol use led to some horrible tweets.

After a public outcry, Biggs was fired from a recurring gig with Nickelodeon voicing Leonardo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His offending tweets included jokes about the Malaysian Airlines disappearance, Paul Ryan’s wife, and a slew of edgy jokes that were labeled perverted and racist.

“It really traumatized me,” said Biggs, speaking with Dax Shepard on The Armchair Expert podcast.

Biggs has expressed remorse for his inappropriate statements, candidly discussing his struggle with alcohol abuse and how it influenced his behavior.

On a positive note, he’s now one year sober and feeling much healthier.

Biggs’s latest comments reflect the intense scrutiny directed at public figures, both past and present, for inappropriate remarks on social media.

Though it’s tempting to shame Biggs for his past mistakes, it’s commendable that he’s accepted responsibility and taken the steps to get help and improve his mental health.

Apparently, Jason’s struggle with alcohol was no laughing matter.

These days, Jason’s tweets are mostly links to his Instagram account.

It’s more corporate-friendly. Maybe he got a social media manager? 

Despite all the controversy, people still love Jason Biggs.

Some were reminded of the Kevin Hart Oscars hosting scandal.

But to most, Jason Biggs will always be that guy from American Pie, forever frozen in time. 

Best of luck to Jason Biggs in his ongoing recovery!

Let’s hope he keeps things chill on Twitter following his ill-fated days of shock humor.