North Carolina Inmate’s Plans To Escape Jail Are Foiled After They’re Sent To The Wrong Address ????

Sean Damion Castorina is currently incarcerated at the Alamance County Detention Center in Graham, North Carolina. If the 43-year-old had his way, it would not be for much longer but, unfortunately, his escape plan was foiled.

He had sent a letter to two accomplices containing plans to blow a hole through a wall — but he sent it to the wrong address.

Investigators say Sean Damion Castorina who is behind bars facing murder charges recruited two friend to try and blow up the jail.

Posted by WFMY News 2 on Friday, December 14, 2018

The person who received the letter alerted the authorities. The package contained drawings of the facility as well as its environs. It also included instructions on bomb-making and directions for where to place the device.

The intended recipients were identified as Shannon Douglas Gurkin and Dakota Lee Marek. This is Castorina’s second time attempting to escape prison.

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson explained to BuzzFeed News:

“These two individuals were to get the bombing material, make a bomb, and put the bomb on the south side of the detention center … to tear down the wall so that Mr. Sean Castorina could escape. They were to leave the country once that happened.”

He went on:

“We could have certainly lost an inmate, we could have certainly lost employees here, and [we] certainly could have lost other county employees in surrounding buildings.”

Castorina is now looking at additional charges from conspiracy to commit a felony to assembling a weapon of mass destruction, as well as a potential charge for his attempted escape. His co-conspirators also each face one charge for their intent to build and use a bomb.

Many were shocked.

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While most were glad no one was seriously hurt.


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We’re glad a simple mistake kept everyone safe.