Troll Has ‘Proof’ That Keira Knightley Is Secretly Trans—And Twitter Shuts Them All The Way Down

Internet trolls thrive on a diet of misogyny and assorted bigotry, so it’s no surprise that a Twitter user who volleys the word “transgender” as a slur (it most certainly is not) did just that. @EmergentReality attracted plenty of negative attention for mocking Keira Knightley, one of the most photographed women in the world.

Knightley, a highly acclaimed actress who’s starred in such films as Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Atonement(2007), is no stranger to being denigrated by internet trolls, the denizens of social media, and even the paparazzi. She’s been in the public eye for nearly 20 years, yet @EmergentReality claimed to have figured out that Knightley is transgender. His proof? Her “Adonis belt.” (More on that in a second.)

According to @EmergentReality, Knightley, 33, has:

  • a “male torso”;
  • an “Adonist belt,” a term which refers to the outer grooves leading from the hips to the pelvis;
  • a “slope back forehead”;
  • a “large angular jaw”;
  • and  “wide shoulders.”

Knightley is a “male to female transgendered entity,” wrote @EmergentReality, using a rather obnoxious phrase to refer to transgender women. He added: “And look at that six pack. Gross.”

What a gem he is, huh?

Fellow Twitter user @indigowhiskey first brought attention to @EmergentReality’s whacked out theory, foisting him on the rest of us with a tweet that has been retweeted more than 3,300 times as of this writing.

“The Great Transvestigation strikes again, folks,” she wrote.

As you can imagine, the prospect of a “transvestigation” did not go over very well with others, and @EmergentReality was quickly called out and mocked. (Knightley, however, was praised, presumably much to the troll’s chagrin.)

We don’t get it either. Better luck next time, champ.

We doubt Knightley cares much about this, if she even knows. She likely has much bigger fish to fry (and she’s known for being a fighter). In 2007, the star, who is currently receiving critical raves for her performance in Colette, sued the Daily Mail for publishing an article that suggested she had anorexia or other eating disorders.