Video Of Two Squirrels Battling Each Other To Get To The Top Of A Tree Goes Viral—And It’s Intense 😳

When you think of inner-city games you probably imagine street hockey or city runs, but how about two squirrels grappling for supremacy on a tree trunk?

That’s what happened in Brooklyn, New York City when two of the furry rodents were filmed desperately clambering up a tree, falling off, grappling and then going again.

A compelling watch.

The video received thousands of interactions from fascinated viewers on social media, gripped as they were by nature’s contest.



Some speculated that the two could be in a lovers’ quarrel.


Many users were amazed at the squirrels’ ability to fall without pain.

People were seriously stressed.

If anyone ever finds out who won, there are thousands of people who are keen to know the result.