Woman’s Boyfriend Fails To Text Her Back—So She Does The Sensible Thing And Makes A Movie Trailer About It ????

There’s something magical about the extra-ness of a bored and hangry woman with a sense of humor, isn’t there? College student Paulina Ramirez is currently the reigning queen of extra, and Twitter is kind of in love with her for how she showed it.

As any college student will tell you, food is LIFE. The “broke and hungry college student” trope exists for a reason. Paulina had plans with her boyfriend, George, to go get chicken and waffles. So far this sounds like it’s going well. The couple is young and in love and has enough money to go out to eat some chicken and waffles, easily one of the best meals ever! Then George messed it all up by falling asleep.

His impromptu nap meant he missed Paulina’s text about food. She had no idea he was asleep. All she knew was that he didn’t reply to her text and chicken and waffles were on the line, people! Paulina was bored, hangry, and had the iMovie app — and she was not afraid to use it!

To pass the time and properly display her annoyance at the delay in her chicken and waffles meal, Paulina made a hilariously melodramatic movie trailer about how much it sucked not to be able to reach George.


When George eventually woke up and saw the trailer he thought it was really funny. The pair thought it was just the kind of extra that Twitter needed to know about.

So she shared the trailer on Twitter and it was a hit!

Once they were done laughing, people started to notice that…wait a minute. This is a legitimately good trailer!

So that’s the story of how Paulina Ramirez won the internet AND got her chicken and waffles.

H/T: Indy 100, Twitter, Buzzfeed