Woman’s Story Of Getting Christmasy Revenge On A Rude Customer Is Pure Perfection ????

Retail jobs can be hard. We would venture to guess that they are especially hard during the holidays. For whatever reason, between Thanksgiving and Christmas customers lose their minds.

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that employees of your favorite retail stores might be thinking of ways to exact revenge on their worst customers.

Alabama resident Sarah Belanger Demaneuf did just that — 17 years ago.

I just can’t get into the holiday spirit until I post this. Have a vengeful Christmas y’all!!The Star of Vengeance…

Posted by Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf on Thursday, December 6, 2018

It started out innocently enough.

“I just can’t get into the holiday spirit until I post this. Have a vengeful Christmas y’all!!

“The Star of Vengeance 

“This is my favorite Christmas ornament, but rather than symbolize peace and goodwill, as it should, it symbolizes vengeance and spite.

“I was working at a local retail store after Christmas and all of our ornaments were reduced to 75% off. This little star was .50 cents.”

But things quickly escalated.

“A terrible woman (dressed to the nines and driving a high-end Lexus, so pretty well off) came into the store and wanted 4 star ornaments, but wanted to only pay .25 cents a piece. As we weren’t at a yard sale I said no and she started arguing with me, becoming increasingly rude and belligerent. After not bullying me into caving she said ‘Fine! My friend works at the other store in Huntsville and she told me that all the ornaments will be 90% off tomorrow, so I’ll just come back in the morning.’ ‘I can’t guarantee they’ll still be here,’ I said. And the jerk said, ‘There are 12 in the store. No one is going to buy all 12. I’ll get what I want, prepare to feel stupid tomorrow.'”

Sarah made sure she wasn’t the one who would feel stupid.

“So in an anti grinch moment my heart shrank 3 sizes and I bought all 12 star ornaments. I then called the other Huntsville store and bought ALL their ornaments. And just to be extra spiteful I bought all the star ornaments in Decatur and Florence. It was the most vengeful $30 I ever spent. 

“The next morning she was at the store as soon as we had opened. I had the pleasure of telling her that ALL of the star ornaments in North Alabama had been sold to one customer. The look on her face was worth every penny spent. “

She still looks back on this moment every Christmas since.

“For years I gave the ornaments to friends and family, but I saved just one for myself. 

“17 years later, I still smile when I hang it on my tree.”

Many thought this was the perfect response:





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