Bear Who Was Nursed Back To Health After Surviving Wildfire Found Shot To Death By Hunter ????

A bear named Cinder who survived the 2014 Washington wildfire was recently found shot dead, apparently killed by a hunter.

Following the devastating fire, Cinder was rescued with severe burns on each of her paws after crawling through the woods on her elbows and knees to escape danger. Cinder’s remarkable recovery in 2015 served as an inspiration and symbol of resilience to survivors of the deadly fire.

Washington residents are furious to learn Cinder’s remains were discovered.

When she was released, Cinder was fitted with a GPS tracking collar that helped rescuers keep tabs on her.

But it mysteriously stopped functioning in 2017, leading a team of scientists to discover her remains. Several clues, like her collar being cut with a knife, indicated she was killed by a hunter.

Cinder’s tragic and senseless death has touched the hearts of people worldwide.

A lot of anger is being directed towards the anonymous hunter who killed Cinder.

People paid heartfelt tributes to the inspirational bear.

Despite her tragic death, Cinder’s example of resilience and recovery will never be forgotten.