Nick Offerman Reveals That He Came Very Close To Being A Contestant On A Popular Reality Show ????

Conan O’Brien’s new podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, hosted Nick Offerman of Parks And Recreation and his wife, Megan Mullally of Will & Grace, on Sunday, December 16.

And we found out something pretty cool about Nick Offerman.

Mullally and Offerman are longtime fans of the popular reality show Survivor. 

“We have always said that we thought that Nick would kill on Survivor,” said Mullally.  O’Brien followed up by asking Offerman if he would ever consider being a contestant.  “It’s been discussed. We’ve sincerely looked at it, in reality.”

“It was actually, maybe, going to happen,” Mullally said. But then Offerman’s pesky acting career got in the way.

“I would love to [go on it]. I think it would be really fun,” said Offerman. “I think I would be good at some things, but I’m not certain that I would be [the best.]”

In addition to acting, Offerman is well-known for a variety of outdoorsy and crafty skills that would likely serve him well on Survivor.  He has a wood shop:

And, on Conan’s last show on TBS, Offerman had an entire segment where he “work[ed] outside with hands” and “read tweets from young female celebrities.”

O’Brien and Mullally said that Offerman might not be great at Survivor, however, because he’s just too nice.

But Offerman says he’s still open to competing on the game show in the future.

Oh please, please let it happen.