Results Are In For A Poll Asking What Gender A ‘Modern’ Santa Should Be—And The Answers Are Surprisingly Progressive

We all know the traditional image of Santa Clause: rotund, old, white, bearded, with a fluffy red suit and hat. But a new survey, done by logo design company Graphic Springs, showed that people seem to be ready for a different-looking Santa. In fact, nearly a third of people surveyed thought Santa “should be rebranded as a woman or gender neutral.”

The company asked around 400 people from the U.S. and U.K. what they viewed as “the ideal Santa,” then put the results to a vote to try and craft a perfect Kris Kringle for the modern day.

Their end result was far more hipster than what most people are familiar with! The new Santa sports “tattoos, a stylishly-trimmed beard, skinny jeans, sneakers, and a hover board. He’s tech-savvy and looks like he could easily feature in GQ magazine,” according to KDKA Pittsburgh.

However, the most surprising response had nothing to do with making kids wonder why Santa has ink all over his body and pants that seem too tight.

Though 72% of respondents thought Santa should remain male, 11% thought he should be a woman and a full 17% thought the jolly old elf should be gender neutral.

During a time in which women are criticized for everything from being in politics to wearing a cute skirt, it’s nice that so many people no longer want the man in red to be a man. While 28% is by no means a majority, it’s a number no one expected, and may mean times are finally changing.

Some Twitter users were all for a Santa Clause re-branding!

And some people made jokes:

But others thought Santa’s manhood is a Christmas tradition.

Of course, this gave way to some negative responses:

And some downright hateful ones:

Some of those comments were shut down:

The whole argument struck some people as pretty silly.

And a couple of people pointed out something we should’ve remembered all along:

It’s not a mystery how Twitter feels about this issue, but Twitter doesn’t represent the whole world. At the end of the day, Santa can be whoever (and whatever) you want him to be, and it looks like people are finally starting to support that philosophy.

Happy holidays!