This Thread About An Incredibly Stupid Horse Named Tango Has Us LOLing Hard ????

We’re going to preface this article by stating that we personally don’t think Tango is stupid. Quite the opposite. We’re pretty sure this horse has life figured out and is kind of a mastermind. Tango’s owners aren’t so sure about our theory, though.

One of Tango’s owners  posted on Twitter about the preparations that went into getting Tango ready for an impending snowstorm. See, the horse doesn’t seem to understand that standing outside in subfreezing temperatures when you have a nice warm barn is a bad idea. The last time a storm came though, they set up his barn and he just “went with another option.”


People wondered if he did this sort of thing often … and the answer is a resounding yes. He has been “broken” since he was just a little horse. The thread of years’ worth of Tango doing Tango things is comedic gold for some people.

Brace yourself. We’re going in! 


People LOVE this horse. 


Oh, and if you’re still wondering how Tango made it through that storm, he survived! But it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying to freeze to death. Tango’s people had to barricade him in the barn in order to get him to stay.

Tango’s gonna Tango, we guess.