Who Knew The ‘Dark Crystal’ Prequel Cast Was So Stacked With A-List Talent?

Netflix’s Dark Crystal prequel is set to bring back Jim Henson’s vision in a way much of the mainstream world has forgotten existed. Henson became a legend for his work on things like Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock, but long before he did kids’ shows, Henson was proving that his puppetry skills could convey much darker and more emotionally complex stories. Henson’s skills were matched only by his willingness to push the boundaries of what technology could do and his commitment to securing the best possible talent for the roles. To Henson, these characters were far more than just puppets. He may not be around to cast this Netflix prequel, but we have a feeling he would be proud of the talent that has signed on.

Are you ready for this? You’re not ready for this but we’re going in anyway. 

Taron Egerton, Anya Taylor Joy, and Nathalie Emmanuel will all play Gelflings.



Aside from those three, we don’t know who will play what roles, but we do have a list of other performers who are attached to the project and seriously, at this point they could just read aloud from a book about tax law and it would have us on the edge of our seats. This cast is full of some serious heavy hitters.

Helena Bonham Carter



Keegan Michael Key

Detroit Metro Times


Natalie Dormer



Mark Hamill



Alicia Vikander



Eddie Izzard



Harvey Fierstein

Musical Theater International


Simon Pegg

Denver Post


Andy Samberg

iNews UK


The list keeps going, but we could rave about this for five or six articles, easily, so we will stop there. We told you it was a seriously impressive cast! Henson’s daughter, Lisa, has even gushed about the cast.

She released a statement, saying: 

“It is humbling to see so many truly gifted actors join The Dark Crystal universe by adding their voices to Age of Resistance. It is thrilling to see this assembled team of artists, puppeteers and now voice actors, many inspired by my father’s original film, work together to realize this unique world—through performance and craft—at a scale that is rarely seen today.”


Twitter is all about this cast! 


And yes, before you ask, those are all actual puppets. There will be no CGI used. The magic of Jim Henson continues to be amazing. If you need us, we’ll probably be hanging out with the guy who posted that last tweet…at least until 2019 when this debuts.