Vanessa Hudgens Just Had A ‘Middle Earth’-Themed Party For Her 30th Birthday And The Pics Are Making Us Jealous

Vanessa Hudgens, who many know best from her star turn in High School Musical, just turned 30. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a quick trip to Middle Earth, J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy land from The Lord of the Rings?

Hudgens took to Instagram to share a photo of her magical birthday bash.

Hudgens friends all decked themselves out in elven gear, and the party decorations bore a striking resemblance to those of Bilbo Baggins’ infamous 111th birthday.

Former Dancing with the Stars cast member Allison Holker recorded many magical moments from the party on her Instagram story!

Instagram: Allison Holker
Instagram: Allison Holker
Instagram: Allison Holker
Instagram: Allison Holker


Hudgens also posted pictures of the scene on her story, thanking PowWow design studio for making it possible! 

Instagram: VanessaHudgens
Instagram: VanessaHudgens


Twitter wished they were there to celebrate in style:

Hudgens has plenty to celebrate beyond her birthday! She recently starred in the movie Second Act alongside longtime superstar Jennifer Lopez.

She also played the TWO leading roles on Netflix’s Christmas movie The Princess Switch, in which an ordinary baker, on vacation from Chicago, meets a princess who’s her perfect double and they decide to switch places.

Playing two roles with different backgrounds can be tricky for any actress!

Hudgens told PEOPLE:

“It was very confusing! There are the two characters and then they switch, so trying to figure out if I was American trying to be British, or British pretending to be American, it was definitely a confusing situation.”

Hudgens may have twisted her brain to make the role work, but she’s glad she did:

“The world is such a crazy place. We all need a little bit of light, uplifting escapism. And what better way to do it than with a romantic Christmas movie?”

Remember when your next birthday rolls around: There ain’t no party like a Middle Earth party!