Hundreds Of Carolers Turn Out To Grant Man With Terminal Lung Cancer’s Dying Christmas Wish ❤️

Canadians are proving they know how to celebrate the holidays in the most touching ways. From this daughter signing lyrics for her father at a concert to a group of over 300 people gathering to sing carols for a cancer patient’s Christmas wish, Canadians do the world proud.

Harry Towle had a simple wish to see the Christmas lights in his hometown of Exeter, Ontario and to hear some Christmas music. When the community learned of his wish, they did not disappoint.

With just 24 hours notice, more than 300 people gathered to grant Towle the gift of song. The 78-year-old currently lives at Queensway Nursing Home and it was one of the employees, Margaret Sutherland, who organized the event. A donated limo picked Towle and his family up and drove them around Exeter to see the lights. Then it was on to the park where the crowd gathered to sing for Harry.

Scott Miller from CTV news reported the story.

Miller also shared the story on Twitter.

People had a strong emotional response to the story and to Towle.

For some, the story brought back memories of living in a small town.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Towle.