Nicolas Cage Reveals The Best Career Advice He Received While Watching Movies At Charlie Sheen’s House

In a long and eclectic career, Nicholas Cage is at a bit of a high point. He voices Spider-Man Noir in the new Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is a bona fide box office hit with both audiences and critics. Cage also claims he’s ramping up to make the “wildest” movie of his career, which we can all probably agree is a pretty big claim from the Ghostrider himself.

Cage attributes his success to advice he once got in the most unlikely of places: Charlie Sheen’s house. For context, Cage used to be best friends with Sean Penn’s late brother, Chris Penn, as well as Charlie Sheen. The trio would spend a lot of time hanging out and watching movies at Charlie’s house, where his father Martin Sheen would inevitably make appearances to say hello.

During one such visit, Martin Sheen gave Cage some advice he’d never forget:

“I would go over to Charlie’s house with Martin Sheen and Chris Penn and we would watch movies. Martin would come by and say hello and he told me the only thing that matters with filmmaking is if you like where you were and who you were working with. He had just come off of Apocalypse. At the time I was too young to understand but as I grew older and started making more movies his words always came back to me.”

Years later, as Cage chooses roles in some of Hollywood’s best (and worst) movies, Sheen’s words continue to ring true:

“Now they have become a mantra for me. He gave me the best advice I’ve ever heard in my professional career.”

It seems we have Martin Sheen to thank for all of this:


And this:


And, of course, this:


The internet is eternally grateful to Sheen for these priceless moments. Be sure to catch Cage in the new Spider-Man movie, in which his Spider-Man lives in the 1930s and likes to punch Nazis!

Advice can come from unlikely places, but good advice means everything, no matter where or who it comes from.