Ariana Grande Has An Upside Down Christmas Tree—And Her Fans Are Shook ????


The holidays are a magical time, as pop star Ariana Grande knows all too well. In what some have been describing as a “Christmas miracle” and others see as an “unsettling choice,” Grande decided that she would hang her Christmas tree from the ceiling this year.

She posted pictures of the upside-down Christmas tree and fans were beguiled, to say the least:

TMZ photographers asked Grande why she would hang her tree in such a way.

Looking back on an especially tumultuous year, she responded:

“Sometimes life just be upside-down.”

In an unsurprising turn of events, Ariana fans thought her idea was amazing and immediately started copying her.

How are the physics of this tree even possible? Christmas magic.

Be careful if trying to hang your tree without Ariana’s visionary mind. Results may vary.

Poor Christmas tree is stuck on the ceiling!

Credit where credit is due:

Only one fan bothered asking the important question, however:

So true, Ariana. Sometimes, life just be upside down.