Megan Mullally Just Responded To Donald Trump’s ‘Green Acres’ Tweet—And We Totally Get It ????

The past has a way of coming back to haunt us. For some of us, maybe it’s a humiliating retelling of our childhood habit of flashing people — with photos included. (Thanks, Mom!) For others, it’s an ex reappearing — someone you totally can’t believe you dated. For Megan Mullally, it’s the time she sang a duet with Donald Trump on national television.

It happened during the 2005 Emmys, which Ellen DeGeneres was hosting. (This was before her trademark haircut, so when you watch the video, don’t get scared. There’s a little bit of a side-mullet thing happening.) As part of the evening, Ellen put together a sort of “Emmy Idol” in which celebrities competed against one another and viewers called in and selected the winners. Megan was paired with Trump, who was just the host of The Apprentice then. Years ago, Megan talked to Stephen Colbert about what happened that night.

Other than this… 

That mood lighting, tho… [YouTube Screenshot]

Megan said Donald was obsessed with winning, even though it was a meaningless comedy bit. The pair did end up winning, but that wasn’t the end of it. The next day, Donald called her in her Will & Grace dressing room to gloat about the win and how it was “a landslide.” Awkwaaard.

Megan had left it in the past, but Donald recently resurrected it. He passed a farm bill and celebrated by sharing the video of himself singing while holding a pitchfork and wearing overalls, an undershirt, and a straw hat.

Because that’s what farmers look like in Donald’s mind, we guess? 


People kept tagging Megan in the comments and, when she finally saw it, we got these tweets from her: 


Once everyone was done laughing, fans were there for her — mostly with Will & Grace memes. 


Even other celebs joined in. 


One person pointed out the best (or worst) part of this moment in cringe history.


So. Congratulations on making it into the National Archives, Megan!