A New Fitness Trend Has Aspiring Bodybuilders Chugging A Gallon Of Milk A Day–But Is It Worth All The Farts? ????

Strange diets are not a new trend in the bodybuilding world. Some people will do anything to bulk up, but this new one takes the cake. GOMAD, or “Gallon Of Milk A Day,” is the newest trend.

It requires you to do exactly as it says: Drink one gallon of milk per day to reap the benefits. Unfortunately, you also reap the side effects. The extra protein and fat from the milk supposedly help to build muscle and fat tissue, but also cause horrendous flatulence.

One man who tried the diet discovered that this side effect was too much to handle.

In an interview with MEL he said:

“The farts, man. I’m not good with dairy. I felt like ass, literally.”

Twitter had plenty to say about this fad which, while not exactly new, is making a comeback in the public consciousness.

Some people, even with the knowledge of the flatulence it will bring, thought it was maybe something worth trying.

Others can’t even understand the motivation for trying it in the first place.

Some shared their personal horror stories of trying GOMAD.




And some people are following the way of The Dude.


And at least one person is happily embracing this particular side effect.