‘Hot Jafar’ Is Trending On Twitter—And We Can See Why

The most exciting thing about the upcoming Aladdin remake is that we get to revisit a childhood classic that for many of us was a formative ex–ugh nevermind nobody cares anymore JAFAR IS STUPID HOT.

Yes, the internet (and also the writer of this piece) has a new thirst sensation, and it is Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari, who previously appeared in films like The Mummy, Ben-Hur and The Promise while being extremely, outlandishly, almost offensively hot.

So hot, in fact, that he’s completely eclipsed the internet’s previous outcry over Will Smith’s non-blue genie. (Don’t worry, he WILL be blue for the movie, they just haven’t gotten to that CGI step yet and WHO CARES LOOK HOW HOT JAFAR IS.)

So who is Marwan Kenzari exactly? Originally of Tunisian descent, Kenzari has had quite the celebrated career in Europe over the past few years. According to People, he’s won multiple awards at European film festivals for his role in the 2013 Dutch film Wolf, and also has an impressive theater resume as a graduate of the prestigious Theatre Academy Maastricht in the Netherlands. He got into acting as a teenager when a girl he was dating signed him up for an audition for the musical Chicago and blah blah blah HE’S STUPID HOT LOOK AT HIM:

And the internet love affair is already one for the ages:

In fact, the internet is so enamored of Hot Jafar that people are already having trouble giving Aladdin their allegiance.

The entire Aladdin plot is unraveling!

So, it seems the new Aladdin will now be one of those anti-hero movies where you root for the villain! No word on whether that was director Guy Ritchie’s intent, but doesn’t seem like he has much of a choice at this point. The internet has spoken!