This Massive Mural Is Breaking World Records

An ambitious art installation recently completed in Incheon, South Korea, is setting records.

That’s Guinness World Records to be exact.

The mural, which depicts a boy’s journey through life, beat out the Pueblo Levee Project in Pueblo, Colorado for its place as the world’s largest outdoor mural.

The South Korean mural adorns 16 humongous industrial grain silos in Incheon harbor.

The project was commissioned by local government officials to improve the look of the aging industrial buildings in the harbor, and show people that industrial buildings don’t have to be ugly.

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The project required the work of 22 artists and 850,000 liters (225,000 gallons) of paint, and cost the city of Incheon over 550 million won (US $487,000).

The silos are painted to look like a bookshelf, with each silo its own book cover.

It stands over 72 feet tall and is over 1,722 feet long.

That’s as big as a large factory building!



The mural covers 23,688 square meters of the silos, a hefty increase of the size of the Pueblo Levee Project, the previous record holder.

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See footage of the South Korean mural here:

The Pueblo Levee mural is still the longest painting in the world, at 3 contiguous miles!

Pueblo Levee project mural (Wikipedia)

The Pueblo project was started in the 1970s, when local university students began painting over existing graffiti on the levee. This work was done in secret, at night, to avoid notice.

Eventually they received the support of the local citizens, and the project has had an official coordinator since 1988.

People are excited by the new mural in Incheon.

Many people are captivated by the mural’s whimsical beauty.

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The detail on such a large project is astounding!

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But the scale of the piece is hard to imagine until you see it compared to ships and surrounding buildings.

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It dwarfs everything around it!

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What a must-see piece of public art!

See more footage of the mural here.

Incheon is a modern city that borders South Korea’s capital city of Seoul.

The seaport is a transportation hub for the region.

Incheon, South Korea (Visitor’s Bureau)

Incheon is also known as a beach resort area with two popular island destinations nearby: Yeongjong and Muui-dong.

So who is ready to buy their ticket to visit Incheon, South Korea?