Ariana Grande Just Shared Videos Of Her Belting Out Songs As A Little Kid—And She Was A Powerhouse In The Making ????

Stars: they’re just like us!

They were little kids once, who went on roadtrips, and liked to sing songs with their mom during the drive. Relatable!

But in the case of Ariana Grande, we’re not talking nursery rhymes or “Kidz Bop” here. No, on Ari’s roadtrip, it was all about belting out icons like Celine and Barbra and doing them justice. While four years old.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, she is arguably the best young vocalist in the game, and with just five years in the pop game and four studio albums under her belt, she is already a record breaker: her latest video for the song “thank u, next” broke YouTube’s record for the most views in the first day of release, and she is the first artist in the Billboard history to debut in the Hot 100 top 10 with the lead single from each of her first three albums.

Nevertheless, when Grande recently posted some old home movies from 1997 of her in the backseat with her mom, singing her heart out, it was hard to not be kind of astounded.

I mean, how is this babychild singing to Celine Dion’s “The Reason” and, like… doing a good job?

She’s barely out of toddlerdom!

Next, Ariana and her mom move on to the iconic 90s duet “Tell Him” wherein Celine teams up with the diva of divas Barbra Streisand, and it is the cutest thing ever.

That sound you hear is millions of people simultaneously sighing at the adorableness of little Ariana telling her mom Joan to be Barbra. Personally, I’ve transformed into a human heart-eyes emoji.

And mama Grande can sing too! Maybe that’s where Ari gets it? Either way, it’s hard not to watch these videos and wonder if some people are just born for stardom.

And on Twitter, Ariana’s fans were bowled over by the glimpse into the singer’s past:

And they were just as in love with how cute she was as a kid!

Even Mama Grande chimed in!

And the fans had to give Mama credit where credit was due!

Guess being iconic runs in the family!