Plane Passenger Realizes The Book They’re Reading Mentions The Exact Flight They’re On—And It’s Eerie AF 😮

A passenger reading on a flight experienced a bizarre moment of coincidence when their book mentioned the same journey they were on.

Reddit user oldtrader1 shared a picture of their ticket for flight BA 16 from Sydney, which stops at Singapore for fuel, along with their book referencing the same flight.

The book I was reading on the plane mentioned the flight I was reading it on. from mildlyinteresting

The flier, who chose to remain anonymous, was reading Factfulness by Hans Rosling, which reads on page 112:

“Flight BA0016 from Sydney arrived in Singapore Changi airport without any problems.”

Despite the remarkable moment on the flight, which has gone viral on Reddit, the reader enjoyed the moment alone.

oldtrader1 told the Press Association:

“I was traveling alone and told both people beside me who had little to no interest in the coincidence.” 

People on Reddit, in the subReddit “mildly interesting” found it fascinating though.

Say what?


What does the book say about the rest of the flight‽‽


That’s a big NO from me.


Some saw other possibilities however…


Some saw a chance to educate the masses.


And a few people could relate.


The novel experience proved entertainment for the traveler on a flight which they said usually takes around 23 hours in total.