19-Year-Old Couple Gets Caught Lying About Buying A House—And Twitter Totally Roasts Them For It ????

Property ownership is something completely out of reach for many millennials, who often struggle to earn enough money to make rent, let alone save for a down payment on a house.

So many people felt an all-too-real sense of vindication when a couple who tried to brag about buying a house at 19 was caught in a lie. The couple, Jacob Obers and Ana Bradley, posed for a photo in front of what they claimed to be their new house.

Obers posted the photo to his Twitter account.


This was met with no small amount of incredulity by Twitter.


Many people simply chose to mock the ridiculous boast.


Then comedian Mike Mulloy came across the post and added his two cents to the conversation.


Mulloy’s post apparently got Obers’ attention, as he soon posted a followup to his failed boasting attempt.


It seems the property he claimed to have purchased is actually just a popular public venue for wedding photos.

The icing on the cake was yet to come, though. Turns out Mulloy was fibbing about having purchased any property records.

Obers had fallen for it and admitted his lie.


Even with extra information, nobody is sure if this is a badly failed attempt at an in-joke, or an epic self-own.

Maybe it’s both.