This Compilation Video Of A Little Girl Being Picked Up From School By Her Big Sister Is Just So Pure ????

Things are rough in the world right now. The news is scary, people are in upheaval all over the place, climate change is looming ever more ominous and for many people their financial outlook is terrifying, to say the least. We could all use a bit of an emotional refresher, right? A palette cleanser for the holiday season, if you will. We all need something to remind everyone that the world isn’t all bad; there are still wonderful things happening every single day all over the place.

That’s where Shenica Bernal and her little sister, Zai, come along. The two girls have a close relationship, as you can tell by the video. Shen decided the world needed to witness a little bit of that cuteness, so she hatched a plan. She started recording Zai at pick-up time from school. The little girl was practically bursting with joy and shouting for her “Ate!” (big sister) every single time! It took a while, but Shen got enough footage to put together a compilation video.

She shared it on Twitter, and seriously it’s the cutest thing you guys. 



When we say Twitter fell in love, we mean it. The video has almost seven million views and close to a half million comments. 



Once people got over the initial stun from being nearly blinded by all that cuteness, they noticed something else. Namely, FASHION! Yeah, we all noticed the number of coats this kid has, too. The little fahionista is killin’ the coat game with a new look each time!


So thank you to Shenica and Zai (and all their incredible fashion sense) for letting us all get a peek at these heartwarming moments. We needed that.