Frankie And Ariana Grande Just Did A Cover Of ‘Seasons Of Love’ That Has Us Shook ????

“In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee…”

Those are just some of the lyrics we’ve grown to know and love from the hit song “Seasons Of Love” from the musical Rent.  

Rent details the lives of a group of friends as they struggle with poverty, disease, and gentrification in the ’90s in New York City. For fans of the Broadway show, it’s become an embedded Christmas tradition.

The story, after all, begins on “December 24th, 9 pm, Eastern Standard Time.”

Listen for the reference here in the songs “Tune Up,” versions 1-3, and “Voice Mail.”

The most famous number from the show, “Seasons Of Love,” comes at the top of Act 2 and beautifully juxtaposes the menial day-to-day tasks we consider important versus the overarching theme of the show: love everlasting.

Siblings Frankie and Ariana Grande, seizing on the message and the coming new year, put out a beautiful cover of the song just before the Christmas holiday.

You can listen to it here.

As the familiar melody plays, a sentimental softness trickles its way through the piece and into the listener’s ears.

Frankie takes the famous solos in the second verse, and Ariana joins in and takes the famous counterpoint section through the second chorus.

When her voice warmly hits the high note, Frankie gives a knowing smile to the camera, a nod to this video inspiring everything he wanted us to feel.

People are enjoying the Grande siblings’ take on the song.

The video hit one million views shortly after it was released.

And fans were more than happy to keep the view count rising.

According to PopSugar,  the video also stars Ben Gettinger, Jon-Erik Goldberg, and Dominic Crossey of the Broadway casts of Wicked and Dear Evan Hansen.

Will you be measuring 2018 in love as we head for 2019?