Man Realized His Pocket Square In Old Christmas Photo Is Not Actually A Pocket Square At All ????

M.T. Anderson is an author, an intellectual, and a fashion pioneer. The thing is, most people don’t know about that last part yet—but we have proof!

While digging through some old holiday photos he stumbled across one that caught his eye. It wasn’t his deliciously 80’s hair swoop, the cocky-casual shoulder tilt or the fact that his facial expression is just dripping with the smug self-assurance that he’s just better than you—though channeling early James Spader is always a good thing.

It wasn’t mom’s amazing waves or dads stern-yet-loving countenance. It wasn’t even the way his sister’s bangs mirrored the straw-colored swoops of the wreath in the background.

Nay. ‘Twas the “pocket square” that caught the author’s eye.

And for good reason. It was looking back at him. 

What makes the whole thing even weirder is that he doesn’t remember why the hamster was in his pocket, whose idea it was to pose for this picture or that it even happened.

So he was as surprised about the pocket hamster as we were!

All he could remember was her name. 

It absolutely pains us that an author couldn’t give us the story as to why he spent the holidays with a rodent in his pocket (or how even the hamster looks smugly self-assured in this photo.)

We have to admit, though, the mental picture of someone looking back through old photos and being shocked to find a creature in their pocket in a picture they have no memory of is kind of funny. You think you’d remember a thing like that.

Twitter didn’t care about the details, though. They just knew they loved pocket hamster. 

We never, in our lives, would have thought that we would ever meet someone who just looks like he can pull off a pocket-hamster as a serious look and kind of slay it.

The truth can’t be denied, though. M.T. Anderson rocked a pocket hamster and made it look good.

He really does have pocket hamster in his eyes.